Sirius International
Belgium - Liège
+32 4 220 86 11
Sirius International’s Liège office actively writes Property, Marine, Miscellaneous and Agriculture treaties in Benelux, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Mediterranean area, Israel, Africa, Latin America including Mexico, Central and South America, as well as Life, Accident and Health treaties in the above-mentioned European countries. Liège is also the centre of expertise for Credit & Bond reinsurance worldwide.

Sirius International
China - Shanghai
+86 21 3335 3280
Sirius received regulatory approval to open their Representative Office in Shanghai in August, 2017

Sirius International
Germany - Hamburg
+49 40 3095 190
Sirius International’s Hamburg office underwrites business from the Central European markets, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as selected Southeastern European countries, i. e. Romania, Bulgaria and all former Yugoslavian Countries.

Sirius International
Singapore - Singapore
+65 6435 0052
Sirius International’s Singapore branch has established a strong foothold in underwriting treaty business in Asia with prominent presence in China, focused mainly on property.

Sirius International
Sweden - Stockholm (Head Office)
+46 8 458 5500
Sirius International’s head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. In addition to being a full underwriting unit, many of our central functions are based here. Our focus is on Property & local Marine reinsurance accounts in Europe, Asia, North America, Oceania and the Caribbean.

Sirius International
Switzerland - Zurich
+41 43 443 01 80
Sirius International’s underwriting offices for Aerospace are located in Zurich, Switzerland. Our team specializes in providing Aviation and Space reinsurance and insurance on a worldwide basis.

Sirius International
UK - London
+44 20 3772 3111
Sirius London branch specializes in insurance, with a complimentary reinsurance offering.  The branch writes across a multitude of lines in global markets. Classes of business include Accident and Health, Property Direct, Facultative and Binders, Casualty and Energy Insurance.

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