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Learn more about the scope of Sirius Group and how our operating companies provide insurance and reinsurance solutions worldwide.

Sirius Group
Sirius International Insurance Group, Ltd. is a Bermuda-domiciled holding company whose operating companies offer reinsurance and insurance products for a rich variety of classes and serve clients and brokers through our global office network.

Sirius Bermuda
Sirius Bermuda Insurance Company is a Bermuda based reinsurer located in Hamilton which primarily focuses on US Property, Casualty and Accident & Health business.

Sirius International
Sirius International Insurance Corporation (publ) is an international insurer and reinsurer focused on Property, Accident & Health and other non-life lines of business. Sirius, a leading reinsurer in the European market, has its headquarters in Stockholm.

Sirius America
Sirius America Insurance Company is a U.S.-based insurer and reinsurer focused primarily on Property and Accident & Health coverages. Sirius America serves clients throughout North America and Latin America and has its headquarters in New York City.

Sirius Global Solutions
An insurance subsidiary of Sirius Group that serves insurers and self-insurers seeking to mitigate or eliminate their exposure to previously uncapped liabilities.

Sirius International Managing Agency
Our Lloyd’s agency responsible for Syndicate 1945 at Lloyd’s.

Sirius Capital Markets
Oversees corporate strategic initiatives including mergers & acquisitions as well as oversight / execution of the global investment strategy within operating subsidiaries.

Sirius Insurance Agency
Sirius Insurance Agency, LLC is the production arm for Environmental and other insurance products.

Our underwriters average 29 years (re)insurance experience and 18 years tenure with Sirius.
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